Incarnation Continued: Humanity in the Presence of God

If God came to us where we are, but then left us, if he went away and did not take us with him, we would yet be in our sins. If the One standing at the right hand of the Father is not as much a man as he is God then we will never have any hope of entering behind the veil. If Christ dropped the hypostatic union with humanity then he dropped us, and were are left to our own devices on the dying side of the great divide. Continue reading

Enough is Enough (Or Why Revival Isn’t Necessary)

“We need revival.” This phrase, ubiquitous among broad evangelicals, has metamorphosed from banal cliche to axiomatic mantra. Having been chanted with such frequency and fervency that there is virtually no quarter among popular Christianity where it doesn’t reverberate, it has at long last been universalized, memorized, and canonized as the programmatic agenda for all successive ecclesial endeavors. Thus for many, the watchword is now, “revival or ruin.” Continue reading