Blood Moon Rising

This is the High Church Puritan coming to you live from K.R.Z.Y Radio! I am sending out a few songs for all of the Chicken Littles in our listening area. I dedicate these numbers to the two-bit prophets, dopey date-setters, preachers of pandemonium, primetime end-timers, calendar-crazed charlatans, and all of those who just generally think that pieces of the sky are landing in your hair.

I shouldn’t jest. It’s not your fault. You have been mooned!

Enjoy your last nights on the earth!

The Tree

The tree,
Planted for me,
The law of God on display.
God said, “It’s mine.”
“The others are thine,”
“Eat it and you I must slay.”

The tree,
Tasted for me,
The fruit of sin and of shame.
One bite he ate,
And sealed the world’s fate,
He sinned and we share the blame.

The tree,
Bore it for me,
He made my sins all His own.
My debt was paid,
Atonement was made,
He raised me up to His throne.

The tree,
Waiting for me,
Beside still waters it stands.
Gone is the curse,
His praise now rehearse,
‘Precious those nail pierc-ed hands!’


He sits—
in light,
dwelling eternally,
Consummate might.
Awful glory still as yet unknown; rainbows of emerald cover the throne.

He loves—
His Son,
Holy Society,
Three that are One.
Noble Persons forever adored; bound together by love’s strongest cord.

He speaks—
The Word,
‘Light Be!’
Whispered Omnipotence,
Making Decree.
Highest creature from earth’s lowest sod; Man—the likeness and image of God.

A work in progress. Don’t hate…