Behold the Lamb

One million pens could never write the story.
The poet’s tongue fails still the tale to tell.
He left the Father’s side and left His glory,
And came to us, Our Lord, Immanuel.

The prophets wait with great anticipation.
They see the Christ in myriad shadows clear.
The Promised Seed will come to bless the nations.
In fullness of the time He will appear.

In Abel’s flock we see God’s plan unfolding.
The firstling from the fold He did require.
Through Isaac’s ram we see God’s wrath withholding,
A lamb would come and bear for him the fire.

The blood of sacrifices filled the pages,
But never was the stain removed from men.
The message heard throughout the countless ages,
“A lamb will come and bear away our sin.”

The angels watch with holy fascination,
The prophet sees a Stranger on the shore.
He lifts his voice in joyous proclamation,
“Behold the Lamb that we’ve been waiting for!”

Ten thousand times ten thousand saints in glory,
Join singing out the blessed sweet new song.
Redeemed from every tongue now tell the story,
“Worthy the Lamb who is upon the throne.”

Thanks to Dean Olive for providing several helpful suggestions.


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