Jesus is Lord of Nothing


Imagine nothing. Go ahead. Give it a shot. Come on, there’s nothing to it. It should be fairly easy. There’s not much to conjure in your mind when imagining nothing. Are you finding it difficult? Nothing, in fact, is probably a more puzzling concept than infinity. (After all, nothing is more complex than infinity.)

The problem with thinking about nothing is that in doing so we invariably turn it into something. Nothing is a noun. It is not a person, and it is not a place (those would be no one and no where). It must then be a thing, but it can’t be a thing, because it is no thing! Nothing is a noun that is not a person, place, or thing. When we think of nothing we are actually thinking about something, a concept.

Again, there is a problem. We confuse the concept with the real thing. If I tried to describe nothing, I would begin, “Nothing is…” and already I am in a metaphysical mess because, in truth, nothing isn’t!

But we have to try nonetheless. Go back to imagining nothing. If there ever were nothing, absolutely nothing, what would there be now? Nothing. Ex nihil, nihil fit, out of nothing, nothing comes. This is just the reworking of the logical maxim that demands that every effect must have a sufficient cause. “Something” is an effect, and if there were once nothing, there would not have been something to cause everything else to be.

Jesus is lord over nothing. So that means that Jesus is lord over everything. Everything that is at one time wasn’t. Everything  traces its ultimate origin, not back to something, but to someone. “In the beginning God…” God spoke and being began. This is creation ex nihilo; creation out of nothing.

Christians tend to think that this is just a doctrine that relates to the original creation but has little or nothing to do with us in the present. But think about it this way. If there was a time when there was nothing but God what would happened if God ceased to be? Everything would cease to be—or to ever have been. This is because we exist, even now, ex nihilo. God is still speaking. The Speaking that brought everything into existence by virtue of the Spoken is still sustaining everything that is by Speech. Without the Logos there would be no cosmos. This very moment we are because God is breathing out a Word. That Word is Jesus: the Glue of the Galaxies. Do you see the Trinity ever active in all of this? Do you see the Speaking, the Spoken, the Breath by which the Speaker speaks the Spoken? Right now, this very moment, He is “upholding all things by the word of his power” (Heb. 1:3).  God never intervenes in history.  We are not deists.  God doesn’t intervene because He is never passive.  He is sustaining, maintaining, retaining.  He is and thus, we are.

What meaneth all of this? This means everything. There is not anything in all of the created order that is outside of the control of Him with whom we have to do. This includes everything from the rise and fall of nations to the shifting of a single grain of sand on the seashore. This includes SCOTUS, Planned Parenthood, and the World Series. Jesus is lord of nothing. So you can trust Him for everything. Everything is happening just as God says…


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