The Letter Killeth

Trying to make sense of the Bible on its on terms is a challenging but worthwhile pursuit. This often means that our long-held presuppositions and formulations must be adapted, if not altogether abandoned. Being faithful to Scripture means being formed by Scripture. Such formation only occurs when we don’t attempt to “shout down” the voice of Holy Writ whenever it attempts to assert itself. Heeding God’s voice in the sacred text requires a posture of humble submission that first hears that voice speaking on its own terms. Continue reading

A Well-Seasoned World

This gospel is for Israel, about Israel, and against Israel. These prepositions have the force of polemical propositions. Matthew was written to the house of Israel as both a jeremiad and an evangel. The bad news is that their house is falling down. It is in a state of disrepair due to unbelief and willful neglect. The House of Israel is in the process of trying to build a house for God and Israel, but this vain attempt to “raise the tabernacle of David” will ultimately lead to their downfall. They have placed all of their hopes in a house built upon sand. The election of Israel was an election for a particular vocation. They were called to be the embodiment of God’s promises to Abraham to bless the world. They were chosen to be a “light unto the nations.” In all of this they failed. Their calling became their curse. Continue reading