Coming Soon: Cathedral Publishing

Cathedral Publishing is dedicated to the production and propagation of quality literature in the service of Christ and his Church for the sake of the whole world. The God who created the worlds by the Word, redeemed this world by his Word, and reshapes the world in his image by means of words.

It is our conviction that all of life—whether it be eating, drinking, laughing, loving, teaching, learning, or anything in between—is founded upon the twin pillars of Divine Speech: God speaking through his Son. Thus, human flourishing finds expression only between those two sacred pronouncements: “And God said” and “As it is written”.

As “Creatures of the Word”, we find our greatest delight in the fulfillment of our highest duty—proclaiming life to a fallen world. For the Gospel writers, however, it was not enough to hear the story of redemption and pass it on to their followers by simple speech.  They wrote the story down and spread copies throughout the world for the benefit of the generations that would come after them.  To this end, we write, we sing, we preach, we pray, we talk, and we write of the wonderful works of God. Publishing, then, is an inevitable end of faithful proclamation.


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