Lord, Shut the Lion’s Mouth (but don’t let him go hungry…)

The New York Times is running an article highlighting the fact that many Christian leaders are disgusted that POTUS would privilege Christian refugees.

Let all of that sink in.

Christians have long prayed for a President who would show kindness to those who are baptized in the Triune name, foreign and domestic. Now we have, for the first time in recent memory, a president who recognizes the global plight of persecuted Christians. Having recognized their suffering, he resolved to do something about it. The leader of the free world stated “we cannot allow this horror to continue.” It seems as though God may be hearing the petitions of his people after all. How then have those grateful people chosen to issue their thanksgiving proclamations? By taking to the streets in protest. By denouncing the gift as a curse and rejecting blessing as a blight. By saying, “If we can’t help everybody then we shouldn’t help anybody.”

We are like those who pray for the end of drought and then cuss the rain because our shoes get muddy. We wanted rain, we just didn’t want it to be wet rain. We wanted good ole dry rain; the kind that would help our crops without offending those who make their bones by digging in the sand. We were hoping for that sort of miracle that would upset the status quo without actually rearranging the current state of affairs.

If the trumpet toots an uncertain sound year after year after year, we shouldn’t be surprised if eventually no one gives a hoot in hell when they hear our racket. We have sent out so many mixed signals that whenever we put the bugle to our lips no one really knows whether we are calling them to battle or if we just invented a new form of jazz.


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