Big Government & The Shrinking Public Square

Politics in a potbellied street-thug protected by corrupt authorities. Having grown enormously fat from dining at tables to which he was never invited, he has become too big to miss when you see him about town. He has never met a dish he didn’t like or diet he did. His frame fills the public square like sausage fills a skin-suit. This being the case, it is nigh impossible to go into the streets without running into him. And he’s always there—eyeing your ice-cream cone.

His ubiquity and rotundity puts the squeeze on everyone around him. If you step outside your door you are in his way, and this is your fault. How thoughtless you must be! Why must you make trouble? Now go bake him a cake.

If your plumb pudding is cooling on the window sill you shouldn’t be surprised if you find his fat finger in it. You did put it awfully close to the street after all. The more he grows, the further he goes. There’s not a morsel he doesn’t want to taste. And if you were really a good Christian you would want to feed the hungry, right? Else how could you ever claim to truly “love your neighbor”?

****If the characters in this similitude bear any resemblance to actual persons, past or present, it is purely by coincidence. And frankly those persons should be ashamed of themselves.


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