Plumbing for Writers (and Other Dummies)

You may have noticed that production has slowed down over here at ye olde High Church. This is somewhat by design. It’s probably evident to those who frequent this blog that my interests are quite broad (though not always reflecting a commensurate depth) and that I tend to write often about hosts of things. Though it seems chaotic this is actually a way for me to stay focused. As long as I am able to rattle on about things glimmering on the periphery I can focus on a larger project. Don’t ask me to explain further. I may succeed only in further confusing us both.

Howsomever, I am once again trying to finish writing a manuscript and this blog whispering evil thoughts in my ear. It isn’t a distraction, it’s a temptation. I have two or three good things that I want to say in my forthcoming book and I am constantly tempted to trot over here and steal my own thunder. Fulfilling as that might be, it tends to reflect poorly in the royalties.

This is why I have chosen to post sparingly until my manuscript is safely at the printer. I don’t want the pinhole in my book to expand so as to leak wordstuff all over the interwebz. So I have decided to plug the metaphorical hole with a fat wad of nothing. Forgetting the metaphysical difficulties involved with such a notion for a moment, this is actually pretty sage counsel. If you don’t believe me just ask me. If I say little here that ensures that I will not say a lot that I intend to say elsewhere. I know. Brilliant. And you didn’t even have to pay for that nugget!

The chaos clusters should resume after a few weeks. Until that time be praying that I can churn out something useful to the King and helpful to his kingdom. And be sure to run over here and preorder a few copies!

Since I didn’t caulk the leak earlier, here’s the first paragraph from the opening chapter.



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