The Revelation of the Whole Christ

The Apostle John is quick to tell us that his final letter concerns the “unveiling” of Jesus Christ. But it seems that there is more to this unveiling than meets the eye. Just a few verses into the book we are given a glimpse of the risen and high ascended Jesus in all of his regal glory—unveiling accomplished. Then we are treated to better than 20 chapters of information after His apocalypse.

Perhaps the key to understanding the extended vision—which climaxes not with Christ’s unveiling, but rather with the unveiling of the Bride—is to remember that the history of Christ is also the history of the Church. We aren’t merely given a portrait of the Head but instead we witness the revelation of the Totus Christus. In the great scheme of things the unveiling of Jesus isn’t complete until both Bridegroom and Bride are unveiled in all of their wedded glory.


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